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Everybody knows that foreign citizens arriving to the Russian Federation for private purposes or employment are obliged to have some documents that confirm their legal stay in Russia. It can be a tourist invitation, business invitation or work permit.

Procedure of obtaining documents in Russia may require a lot of time and has many features. You will need assistance of professionals if you do not want to delay the process of registration. eastconsult® will master all the difficulties for you.

We help our partners and guests to obtain the following documents:

  • tourist invitation for non-residents, who want to visit Russia to do sightseeing within 3 weeks;
  • business invitation for non-resitents, who want to visit Russia to hold business meeting for a period from 1 month up to 1 year;
  • working invitation and work permit (standard) - for non-residents, who want to work in Russia for a period from 3 months up to 1 year. Pay attention, the application process is quite long (up to 4 months), so, the sooner we start to prepare documents - the faster your employees can start working;
  • work permit (for highly qualified specialists) - for a non-resident with experience, skills and achievements in specific areas, if it is supposed that his/her yearly wage (compensation) will be at least two million Rubles. Period of such permit may be up to 3 years.

Please contact us on all issues of documents execution, intake and employment of expatriate expert. eastconsult will protect you from difficulties and save your time. You will be happy to work with us!

We respect and observe the laws of the country, where we live and work, so we operate solely within the legislation.


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