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Due to our experience in the field of procurement of goods and services in Europe, Asia and Russia, we are pleased to offer the following services:


Development of optimal
procurement strategy



Optimal split up of scope
of supply and services



Selection of suitable



Hold tenders



Technical and economic
assessment of commercial



Conducting negotiations with
suppliers or negotiations



Complaints and claims



Compliance with the Russian
standards and laws



Finding the most cost-effective
import solutions and execution
of required documents



Control of quality, costs, and
compliance with the deadlines
for deliveries and services



Identification and assessment
of potential risks



Preparation of contracts
with suppliers of goods
and services


We are glad to help you also with organization of your own procurement department, advise your staff on specific situations and help settle disputes with suppliers, in the worst case, with the help of our lawyers.

We are absolutely open for our clients: transparent schemes of our work and strict observance of our Code of Conduct guarantee the correct implementation of projects.


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