New machinery

astconsult® works with international companies in various business fields and promote their products in the specific Russian business environment. We provide sales, administrative and procurement services, legal and tax advice, outsourced accounting and technical support as well as a certification service and assistance for import and export of equipment.

We represent the interests of the following companies along Russian, Asian and CIS market:

Energy plants, thermal oil systems, biomass firing

Material preparation, production of wooden boards PB,
MDF, OSB, PELLET and Urban waste

Air filtration and air-ducting systems

Combined fuel combustion systems, automation

Design, production, manufacture and installation of plants for the Chemical Industry

Industrial conveying systems and loose materials storage plants
Engineering of fire protection systems according VdS and FM Global standards
Design and manufacture of specialty products such as facades, sun protection and ventilation systems for architecturally important projects

Cost-effective solutions for construction of reinforced concrete structures, such as silos, chimneys, oil and gas platforms, power plants, incineration plants by slip forming