Here you will find general information about doing business in Russia and some interesting websites:

ROCTIV. Investment and business development

ROCTIV is a holding company founded in 2018. It acquires participations in existing or new companies, which are characterized by a high-quality product with a dynamic market perspective. ROCTIV provides both management capacity and capital during the early stages of participation. All investments have a long-term character.



EUROMONT offers mechanical and electrical installation and associated building and servicing works on the territory of Russia and Europe. The team consists of highly-qualified and trained staff from Austria and Russia.
Thanks to their long experience in the field of industrial assembling, innovative solutions and a high level of work performance can be guaranteed. Some completed projects over the last 10 years include thermal oil system installation, repair works on production line, dismantling and installation of production equipment, air-conditioning modernization and ducting and ventilation.


Association of European Businesses in Russia

Association of European Businesses represents and promotes interests of European companies in Russia. AEB website offers a lot of information about work of certain committees and working groups, and also information about cooperation with the Russian authorities.


Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK)

Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) one of the largest foreign business community representing all German firms and enterprises in Russia as well as all Russian companies in Germany. More than 800 German, Russian and other European companies are now the members of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Whereas the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce is a member of international group of German Chambers of Commerce.


Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)

Priorities of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) include promotion of the business community interests in Russian and at the international level and consolidation of Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs' efforts for business environment development, enhancing the status of business in Russia and the world, maintaining the balance of interests of society, government and business.


Gleitbau Salzburg

Gleitbau Salzburg is a long-term client of eastconsult® and specializes in construction of reinforced concrete structures by slip forming. Gleitbau Salzburg offers cost-effective solutions for construction of reinforced concrete structures, such as silos, chimneys, oil and gas platforms, power plants, incineration plants and much more. In Russia Gleitbau Salzburg is represented by its subsidiary company OOO "Gleitbau Russland".


GIG Project

GIG Project is a leading facade supplier in global operation, offering design and manufacture of specialty products such as sun protection and ventilation systems for architecturally important projects. eastconsult and GIG have completed a number of joint projects in Russia in recent years. For more information see the official web-site:


German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (OA)

As far as Eastern Europe is a major region of opportunity for the German economy, the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, being founded in 1952, has the richest tradition of any regional initiative of German business. The goal of OA is to improve the framework conditions for German companies in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.