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We can offer you a full complex of services in the sphere of customs processing of inward cargoes and the sequent return of the VAT, including:

  • company registration by customs authorities and representation of your interests when customs processing
  • an expert assessment on goods classification according to the Customs Commodity Code of the Russian Federation, identifying the Customs Commodity Codes of the goods, arranging the list of necessary Technical Regulations certificates,
  • full maintenance of company's international trade activity, written and personal consultations on the arising customs questions
  • preparation of packing lists, schemes of cargoes' placement inside the vehicle, justifications of cargoes' customs cost, import licenses of the cargoes marked by the registered trademarks basing on the information provided by the customer
  • providing with state of the art information on the difficulty with customs processing of separate types of the delivered goods (oils, glues, mastics etc.) caused by the duration of obtaining permission documentation
  • shipping logistics; execution of an agreement on transportation, insurance of cargoes
  • temporary storage possibility, declaring of cargoes, including electronic declaring (customs registration of the transporting cargo is to be carried out only after crossing the Russian border)
  • legal support of VAT return, return or offset of excessively paid customs payments;
  • pre-cost estimating of various customs payments
  • monitoring the VAT return