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eastconsult® is the official representative of  IMAL-PAL Group in Russia.

IMAL, PAL and GLOBUS, three well familiar names in the woodbased panel industry for over 40 years, joined forces to form a group that is renowned worldwide for its long experience in wood particle preparation, gluing and resination, on-line quality controls, process controls, board handling and in particular for its continual innovation.

The systems and equipment of the IMAL- PAL Group may be found in virtually every PB, MDF and OSB production plant around the world. The systems and equipment manufactured by the IMAL- PAL group are renowned worldwide for their high quality construction and design, advanced software and process control and continual innovations to improve product quality and cut production costs.

To learn more about IMAL, PAL and GLOBUS you can also visit the official web-site of the company:


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