Do you offer your service at a fixed price (lump sum)?
Yes. Every time when our services are clearly defined, we are pleased to offer you an individual fixed price. Even if calculations are made on the basis of our hourly rates or expenses, we can together with you fix the frames of expenses permitted and the reporting periods so that you can always be sure that your budget will not be exceeded.

Could you make travel and stay arrangements in Russia for our staff?
Our experienced team can assist you to procure visa invitations, book flights, hotels, drivers and to organize your business and general programs.

We are going to begin cooperation with Russian partners, which things should we pay attention to?
In addition to a comprehensive due diligence, that our experts would be glad to perform for you, we may also support you in negotiations and protect you from possible risks. Nevertheless, there is not a clear answer to this question, as each cooperation entails risks.

We have problems in obtaining electricity and gas permits for our plant. How can you help us?
Our experienced team will analyze your situation and offer you possible solutions. We can negotiate with the involved authorities and energy suppliers, assist in preparation of corresponding requests and develop the right strategy so you can quickly and effectively achieve your goals.

We would like to import a production plant into Russia, could you help us to prepare necessary contracts?
Yes. Our lawyers will help you to prepare the contracts and advise you of the different possibilities for the import, from charter capital increase (contribution in kind) to typical import under a sale and purchase contract.

Our employees need permissions to work in Russia. How can we get them?
Our experienced staff can assist with preparing and filing of necessary applications, perform required the administrative procedures, advise you on deadlines and rules and also show you the easiest way to create a legal basis for activity of your employees in Russia.

We are going to open a branch in Russia. Do you offer any office services?
Yes. First, we can help to register your company. We can find a suitable office for you or rent office space in our offices in Moscow. eastconsult® offers a wide range of professional services from performance of functions of sole executive body (management outsourcing) and accounting (outsourcing), courier, marketing and translation services, to organization of negotiations with your customers.

How much do your consulting services cost?
Prices for our services are fair and cost-effective for your business. Our constant aim is to cover outlay of our customers within the shortest possible time through our high quality services provided.

We are looking for a supplier for certain equipment. Can you help us in the search?
eastconsult® has a great experience in acquisition of goods and services in Russia and can assist you to find suitable suppliers. We are focused on achieving the best balance of price and quality for our customers, providing maximum security and selection of reliable suppliers.

Does eastconsult® require finder's fee for mediation in the search of a land plot?
No. We are not a real estate agency. We are looking for the most economical solutions for our customers through our contacts with local governments, possibly without agents or brokers. Calculation of our fee is based on the costs we incurred for the search, unless otherwise agreed in advance.